Comics-based research and research-based comics

Scholarship in Short panels are lovingly built on the ideas of researchers and the design principle of “keep it simple, make it fast.”

One aim of this series is to practice thinking in comics, to both digest and communicate abstract ideas in comics format. The image is not intended to be a literal illustration of the idea, but an attempt to be in conversation with it. The other aim is to make comics-based research more readily accessible using simple, single panel, research-based comics as an entry point. I hope that these bite-sized samples of big ideas will lead readers to check out the full text or author. Or maybe an intriguing morsel of research will become food for thought.

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You can see my academic work and more comics-based research at or if you’re interested in reading medieval Latin comics (life’s short, go for it), check out Verba Volant, Picta Manent

Where to find other research-based comics:

(please email me with further suggestions)

Academic Comics

Technical detail:

If you also love retro effects and tools in digital illustration, check out True Grit Texture Supply I absolutely adore their brushes and kits, clearly still learning how to use them, and I give credit to them and their lovely tools for anything that looks good. Anything that looks a bit rubbish is probably my fault.